Zmodeler or Zanoza Modeler is a 3D modeling program to build and design models. It is specifically designed for games and supports various game formats including NFS,GTA, Re-Volt, MidtownMadness, and many others. Any version after 1.07b has now become shareware, and Re-Volt format unsupported. For this reason people using Zmodeler typically use the last freeware version 1.07b.



If you know of any good Zmodeler car making tutorials feel free to add them to the list.

Needed Tools: Zmodeler 1.07b Covered Topics: Basics of Zmodeler

Needed Tools: Zmodeler1.07b Covered Topics: Basic modeling and exporting.

Needed Tools: Re-Volt, Notepad, RVMinis5, Paint.Net, and Zmodeler 1.07b (latest of the 1 Series). All of which are freeware. Covered Topics: Creating Low Poly Spheres, Moving, Uniting, and joining models, texturing and UV Mapping, creating a car, editing Parameters, and testing methods.

Needed Tools: Zmodeler1.07b Covered Topics: Loading Images into ZModeler, Starting the Model's Side, Roof/Bottom of the car,Texturing (Relatively Easy/Time Consuming) | ZM Tidbits, Making a Wheel/Cylinder with Splines in ZModeler, Mirroring and Welding in ZModeler...

Needed Tools: Zmodeler1.0 or later (up to 1.07b), Paint Shop Pro 7 (optional), RVSizer(ChaosRVTools),RVShade(RVMinis5), and NFSWizard... Covered Topics: Modifying .inf, importing NFS Models, Exporting, Mapping, editing, and conversion.

Needed Tools: Zmodeler1.07b Covered Topics: Loading images into ZModeler and forming pollies to create a car body.

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