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ZEDZED and DONNIE are the nickname of two pieces of the texture file of an unknown car not present in any version of Re-Volt. They consists in golden decals on a dark green background together with headlights textures and other small textures. The first have the word ZEDZED wrote beside two 'Z' letters placed one on top of the other, and the second have the word DONNIE below the headlights. These decals can be find in the Re-Volt Gallery in the bitmap file lib4d.bmp.

The car itself is featured in a Re-Volt trailer included in the installation disks of the game Machines.[1] According to the trailer, the car has a body style very similar to Humma and has the word ZIGZAG wrote on its back. There is still no clue about the car's name, nor certainty if the car uses the exact same body of Humma being a repaint as most of console cars or if it has differences on its model.

It can be seen on the back cover of the Playstation version (in the Ghost Town 2 frame) a figure which quite resembles this car. [2]

It is known that Joe Groombridge was the author of this car.[3]

A custom car made by Nieger33@ and MythicMonkey uses these decals. It is a repaint of Humma called Zed Zed, released at May 2012. After that, another custom car was made, a repaint of Humma made by TrixedXD and PaintHeart, which was a close replica of the original car shown in the trailer, released at July 17 2018

References and notes[]

  2. file:SLES-01973-B-ALL.jpg
  3. Joe confirmed he did this car in an answer to Stefano's email about unreleased cars: "[...] That is probably the same answer for the green ZZ car...that was one of mine as well."

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