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WolfR4 is a Re-Volt launcher tool made by Jigebren to support the Re-Volt community. This application currently has a public release, but is still under active development.

Although WolfR4 is more powerful than PhoenixR3 in some areas it only supports Patch 1207 of the game.

Getting it

You can request it for beta tests by contacting Jigebren via PM in Our Re-Volt Pub.
Or you can also download it from Jigebren's own website.



  • Random car option (custom cars are in? as another option)
  • Same car for all player option
  • Car/Car collision disable option
  • Up to 30 identical cars option
  • custom cars for AI disable option
  • Enabling Ghost car for time trial mode
  • Refresh Cars Info
  • Pause on car preview option
  • Allowing single car race
  • Refresh player's car
  • reset last used car info
  • Car limit fix (to unlimited)


  • Random car option (custom tracks are in? as another option)
  • Pick track outside Re-Volt
  • Reverse mode
  • Refresh custom tracks
  • All races mode for all track types option
  • Enabling Full Custom track support (sounds, graphics, stock models modification (+ position/orientation), skymaps etc...)
  • Refresh track info during program runtime
  • Track compressor
  • Track Hide/Show option


  • Editing name outside Re-Volt
  • Overtake MAX_LAPs to 255
  • Speed unit modification
  • Editing number of laps / cars
  • Activate/Inactivate pickups
  • Enabling MP3 (ensuring the quality as well)
  • Enabling CD music from driver
  • Replay: load and save (with disable random cameras option)
  • Removing imposed delay (from intro1)
  • Asking for language on startup?
  • Language changing
  • Enabling MAKEITGOOD / TVTIME mode
  • Alternate edit camera keys option
  • Display camera orientation and position option
  • Arguments Interface (Command line GUI) [ + resolution editing]
  • Level loading crash fixer
  • TuxAbug (timer problem fix) fix (with watersplash, GoGo bug and flip/reposition/flip bug fixes)
  • Hangs removing during level loading
  • CPU sleeping patch
  • Compatibility mode win98 setting option
  • Kill Revolt.exe or pause its process


  • Host/IP modification
  • Register as a launcher for Rv house, Gamespy etc...
  • Max players per lobby became 12 instead of 8
  • All players ready timeout modification
  • Race can be restarted
  • Battle tag crash fix

Included patchers

  • 512x512 textures
  • mipmap levels count
  • Aspect Ratio

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