W_Console (Dublio Console) (or World
W console
console) is a tool made by KDL for manipulating Re-Volt world files through poly groups called meshes.

Unlike other Re-Volt tools which are ghost, Command-Line or GUI based ones, W_Console is a Session-based much more like a Console

This tool was built inside .NET 2.0 and it requires either Framework .NET 2.0 or mono to be operated.

As of October'3rd 2011, W_Console became cross-platform (supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS) through Mono and Wine.


  • edit mesh textures
    (tutorial)3Ds max W Console = Texture Animation

    (tutorial)3Ds max W Console = Texture Animation

    texture animation for everyone tutorial

  • decode a .w file (see also Coders_Decoders)
  • shade
  • shade the ENVmap
  • preview (through freeVolts and nVolt)
  • texture animation (multiframe)
  • export prm
  • assign types/flags
  • batch functions
  • listing meshes and polies
  • load/save
  • scripting through own built-in language

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