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Awesome! Just awesome! Thank you sir :D

I'm actually a great fan of Re-Volt and it really made me happy to know more about it.

Just some questions, sir, If you don't mind :) :

1. I have a DEV version of Re-Volt (fully playable, version: "dev" and similar to latest versions). It has the "Ghost car" in Time trial, I was wondering if you, sir, know why it was removed

2. I contacted Mr Simon Harrison 2 years ago (or 1 year), he told me about other track "garden 2" (based on a japanese garden concept), and sir, after seeing the scrapbook, I found there were a lot of tracks that weren't released (and #1 Rooftops for Re-Volt PC/N64/PSX). Do you know, sir, why they weren't released. I really would love to see those tracks one day even if the textures are 256x128 like earlier versions), I'm still trying to get in contact with Acclaim Devs so I'd desperately see those tracks :-/

3. I found in Re-Volt source code (which was leaked times ago) a track called "Poo" (lava, cave). I was wondering what is that track?

4. In Re-Volt, there is a face shows when deleting ENV map. do sir know who is him?

Thanks for your time, I'd appreciate a reply :)

And of course, Thanks for the Great game! It changed my life to the better and I'm very grateful to it! Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for the message, just call me Paul, - please don't call me sir :)
I'll try my best to answer your questions, but I have to admit, it's been a really long time, I was pretty much done with Re-Volt from March - April -ish 2000.

There's more to Re-Volt, that would explain the absence of tech-support and sequels (like Acclaim not giving a shit). By early 2000, most of the original team had left to join other studios because there were unnerving rumblings (that turned out to be true) of big layoffs (maybe even a studio closure) in the coming season.

There were very few of us who were on the original team left behind. Simon, Bliz, James Vale and Shahid were still there. We were busy working on a sequel to Re-volt about three months after the original was released, with the temp title of Re-volt Gold. There were going to be a few modifications to the engine, but mostly it was going to be a whole new delivery of theme tracks and a raft of new cars. I was working on a hi-tech laboratory track, (clean rooms), and there were already some semi-finished urban tracks. Still a lot of work to do, and difficult because all the original programmers had gone, so it was a nightmare for the new guys who had to figure out the code. It would seem Acclaim had already planned the closure of our studio, though they had put a few million dollars into a new studio in West London and had convinced everyone that there was a golden future on the banks of the Thames, and that we should disregard all the terrible rumours.

We had been given orders to finish Re-Volt Gold within three months! :) I mean fully tested and delivered, bug free. Then we knew something very dodgy was up, maybe New York was trying to squeeze one last good thing out of us with the least development expenses necessary, before closing the studio down. I tried to reason with the studio bosses, but they said the orders were from on high, and they kept insisting that it was an achievable deadline. It was a nightmare, and I knew it was impossible, (at least to do it to the same standard as the original), so I quit.

...and ...yeah...about two months later the studio was closed, and everyone was laid off. Generally, Acclaim viewed our studio as the black sheep of the family, and they tolerated us up to a point, with low key marketing to match - strange considering that our studio gave them some of their biggest critical hits, Re-Volt, Forsaken, Alien Trilogy, Die Hard trilogy, Extreme-G, ...list goes on...So that's the back story :)

The ghost car was in until someone noticed that Atari held a copyright on "ghost cars", - so we either had to pay royalties to Atari or come up with something different.

There were ideas for a second garden level, another rooftop level and an inner city complex, but we just didn't have the staff or time to do it, I ended up texturing and hand painting 60% of all the remaining levels (both museums. toytanic, and both neighbourhoods). Simon and I chucked the rooftop level because it was a poor racing experience, and the draw distance was abysmal, we had to use a dense fog to hide the missing sections of map. This was improved by Jim Vale for the Sega Dreamcast level, but it could only be achieved with a night setting/low draw distance. Back then, the courses had to be mapped and lit/shadow painted by hand, (Gouraud colouring) one polygon and vertex at a time, so it took forever to do a good job, and sometimes the game editor would crash (often on a save command) and you would lose half the level mapping. These days you can just set up some lights in Maya and with one click the lighting and shadows are immediately burnt in. The levels you mention weren't finished to any degree, so they won't ever appear again.

I think the track called Poo was just a test track for physics.

I can't remember the face/ENV map "feature", - you'll have to post up a screen grab.

PP. Mozchops 08:28, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply Paul :)

I guess I understand very well about making a new bugfree Re-Volt within 3 months. After all, I tried last year to make a new RC Racing game. I estimated it (as 3 people working) to be needing 4 years to be finished, 3 years between programming and modeling and 1 year for shading).

It's very sad to hear about a such company and such game to be fated this way... Probe Entertainment had released world-class games, especially Re-Volt.

face on AI/missing ENV

So, this is the face that shows everytime I press "1" on MakeItGood mode (cheat used for modifying Re-Volt files) or I delete EnvMap.

Currently in Re-Volt scene, we broke down the structure of Re-Volt files, thus, many tools and even 4 attempts of Re-Volt recreation [cloning to be more exact] were done. None of them was successful (talking about the big game engine used in Re-Volt which was impossible to be cloned or ported to new DirectX versions).

Also, there were many tracks and cars made to Re-Volt (rvzt) yet, only "Human", "Skitch2" and "Gabor" succeeded in making 'Re-Volt levels sequels' so the game would be still alive. (and so it is right now, Rv House [a fan-made online Chat n' play program] is holding races every night (about 8 GMT), even after 12~14 years of its existence :) )

Thanks again for the great game

Best Regards,

K. A.Y

Hi K.A.Y,

It astounds me that Re-Volt is still going. What's funny is that the track editor almost never made it into the game, as there were so many setbacks with it's development, and it was not one of our main priorities.

The portrait above is Robert 'Barg' O'Farrell, our producer. Thanks to Barg we got Chris Caulfield on board early who programmed the car physics, - Chris's work was pure genius, Re-volt would've been a different kind of beast without him. BTW the car behaviour in the released version of Re-Volt is very tame compared to the 'first draft' physics that Chris coded in, the original simulation was incredibly spot on, and sadly unplayable as a racing game because of it. The cars would flip over too often. In hindsight that would've been another cool feature; an arena to demonstrate and showcase Chris's early work with 100% simulated RC physics, maybe crash set-ups like Burnout :)

Mozchops 07:32, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Hi mr P.P.

Hi mr. Paul, my name is Eduardo from Mexico, im a great Re-volt fan since i was 14, i used to play the game demo until i went to a trip to miami and i saw on a computer store a re-volt full game.. oh my god i was crazy about getting back home for playing it! again, thanks a lot you changed my life, im a real RC lover thanks to your game.

there's not much info about you buddy, can you tell us a little about you, what are you doing now, do you enjoy rc racing in real life? i dont know, whatever you want to share with us?

Revo-revolt 20:16, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks Eduardo, for us it was also satisfying (not to mention a huge relief), to see the game on the shelves after eighteen months. I have two rc cars from Japan, but they don't leave the box very often, - when my kids get older I'm sure we'll race them to utter destruction, - I've been working on my own little project since leaving video games (here) Mozchops 05:37, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

Hi again Mr Paul, i saw your graphic gallery, it's very nice! i really hope you enjoy rc racing with your kids soon as i do with my cousins, yesterday i was playing re-volt with a custom car so i remember another doubt about the game, why the modified cars always appears with a "(CHT) " on its name?? i guess it means cheated or something like that, how the game knows it??? what can we do for making custom cars without that legend???how you did the original cars without this code on them??? greetings!

Revo-revolt 16:59, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

Hello revo. I can answer your questions (since I have some programming skills)

you see, in a normal paramaters.txt, in the end of the file there are some "random numbers", those are the checksum of the current parameters.txt; that would mean once you modify the file, the checksum will be modified as well. That's why only originals don't have CHT on them (and yes, it's cheat).

According to Re-Volt code sources, the checksum is in CRC, however, I've never managed to generate an appropriate checksum calculator for my Car::Load program

best regards