About me

Zipperrulez (also known as Mike) is a 19 year old United States racer from Pennsylvania. He is best known for his car conversions and his tracks. He has released 7 tracks (two of which in cooperation with miromiro), 5 converted cars, 20 repaint cars, as well as 2 originals. He uses Paint.NET and ZModeler for his work. He likes the car Zipper.

He's also the primary admin of Re-Volt Live with Miromiro, and a car admin at RVZT.

My contributions


Zipperrulez's Website
Zipperrulez's Cars on RVZT
Zipperrulez's Tracks on RVZT

Zipperrulez's Forum


You can always catch him on ReVolt Live. He occasionally goes to RVHouse but not that much anymore. He's always on Xfire and Steam, username is zipperrulez.

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