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VaidX47 (VaiDuX461, before late 2013) or simply known as Vaid (EN pron. "wide", but people still call as "wade"), is a still active Re-Volt community member from Lithuania, joined in Summer 2011. He is one of the administrators in the Re-Volt Discord server and The Re-Volt Hideout forum. Also moderates and approves tracks at Re-Volt Zone (previously RVZT, since early 2013).

Was a frequent visitor, an online, RVR B3L racer at RVHouse (2011 ~ 2013, 2014), participated in some community online competitions (like RVR's R-League). Later became a moderator of Our Revolt Pub forum (in 2015), then administrator after it got converted to Tapatalk. He released two Extreme tracks, one LMS arena and converted both Acclaim Set tracks that were exclusive to the Playstation version of the game to PC.

As of 2017, he's mostly active in the Re-Volt Discord server and patiently following further RVGL development.

Notable Work

Released tracks:

  • Simple Dirty Raceway Playground (released 2012, November) - One of the first Re-Volt tracks which can be played on most game modes (Single Race, Practice, Time Trial, Stunt Arena and Battle Tag). User also has a choice to have rain turned on and 4 different replay cameras, as well as an included "easter egg". Built with JimK's Off-road prm kit.
  • Road of Simplicity 1 (released 2012, December / New Year) - Notable for having no track world textures and for its simplistic build design, using just wall prm kit.
  • Road of Simplicity LMS (unofficial Last Man Standing game mode arena) (2013, May) - Well known LMS arena and the first spin-off of "Road of Simplicity" series.

Two other projects: Lego/Extreme "Hood" style hybrid and Toys in the Hood prm kit based track (both started in 2011) were ultimately cancelled in 2013 due to poor layout construction. Source files still exist, in private.

Starting from late 2012 to mid 2013, he manually repacked RVZT tracks (around 500 .zip archives were checked and 350 of them got fixed). This action helped him to become a Track Moderator at RVZT. As of 2016, most of those repacks are still not yet integrated in Revolt Zone and the site still use old archive versions, for unknown reasons.



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  • Not a native English speaker, so expect to find some grammatical mistakes.
  • Joined the Wikia when Backdraft 3.5 started editing articles in his terrible English.
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