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About Me

My nickname is Urnemanden and I have been creating tracks since early 2008, where my latest creation is Radioactive Garden. I've been using everything from 3ds max to MAKEITGOOD to make my tracks, but my next step will be switching over to the light freeware version of max, Gmax. I am hopefully soon halfway with my next track project, thank you for asking. :)

I do have other hobbies than 3D and 2D graphics, among others video recording and editing and sometimes, yet rarely audio composing. I also own a website, which can be found right here. In the real world I am playing tennis as my favorite sports hobby.

Tracks by Me

I've created approximately 8 tracks, all of them Extreme, Custom or Lego Extreme:

- Pisa Grandprix

- Dark Park

- Cyberspace

- Forgotten City

- At The Farm

- Bone Island

- JungleVolt

- Radioactive Garden

You are also welcome to check my blog or leave me a message on my talk page.

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