• I live in Australia
  • I was born on September 16


Hi. I'm Togehope. I'm from Australia, and with that said, I'm rather fluent in English, which I hope is a good addition to the community, one way or another, but I do want to hone by potential by positively contributing to the wiki first.

So quick introduction, I'm relatively fond of Re-Volt. I first played the game at a very young age around in 2004 and 2006. However it was the PS1 version, which as we all know is dreaded in graphics. Being one of my childhood games it was definitely interesting.

In 2011 I've came across Huki's and Jigebren's Re-Volt 1.2 patch. At this time I was unaware of the PC version as well. Taking a further look at it, it was definitely something. A lot of work was put into it and I was definitely impressed.

Moving on, I'm not really known in the community; rather I was lurking the forums as a guest time to time. I felt that I had time constraints and couldn't put any dedications to the community.

So essentially this marks, what I can probably call my first step to Re-Volt dedication. Seeing some of the articles, they definitely have room for improvement so yeah I'll see what I can do over time. I might hope to join RV-Live or Our Re-Volt Pub, but time will tell.

So yeah, that's me I guess. On other terms I'm also fairly competitive in Pokémon, being fond of using Raichu, Ribombee, Whimsicott, and Salamence. Aside from competitiveness I also love rather cute Pokémon including Togekiss, Eevee, and Minccino. I play Grand Theft Auto V and Super Smash Bros. 4 too. Realistically I spend these as much as I do with Re-Volt, so I'm not that dedicated.

If you have any queries about my editing, please don't hesitate to contact me on my Talk Page. I'm new after all, so it would be nice to have some feedback and assistance.

Thanks for reading.


Q: Do you currently have an account on Re-Volt Live or Our Re-Volt Pub?

A: At this time no. To be honest I haven't put my dedications forward, but we'll see. It's hard fitting in with a commuinty with such high expectations.

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm fairly young, when Re-Volt came out as a demo I was only a year old if I can remember. That makes me between 15-19 years old. Other guys at the community must be like in their 20s or even their 30s I think, being teenagers when the game came out. I gotta give credit to those who are still active in the community.

Q: Why are you contributing to the community?

Re-Volt Wiki, in my honest opinion, is bland, especially on the car section. So I thought it would be a good idea to help it out, and Allan1 in the long run. Contributing the wiki is one thing, but I don't exactly plan to be doing it 24/7.

Q: How well are your custom creations?

A: Really, really bad. I don't have any experience on creating Extreme Custom Tracks, nor do I have any experience creating Original Custom Cars. I have made some repaints, but those... aren't too good. I hope to improve on this, but it's not my main priority right now.

Q: What are your favorite cars in Re-Volt?

A: I have a preferred car (mostly because of looks than performance) for each rating.

Rookie: Dust Mite, cute name, love the color.

Amateur: Aquasonic, fond of its color

Advanced: Panga TC, great name, great visuals as well

Semi-Pro: JG-7, Good looking body frame, but I like its color better than Adeon's

Pro: Humma, as a homage to the defunct Acclaim Entertainment.

Q: Who's your favorite Pokémon?

A: Togekiss! Gotta love those Serene Grace boosted Air Slashes!

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