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RST (nickname) is a Spanish computer geek, among owning his own computer repair business, he is a key figure to the Re-Volt Community. He enjoys watching movies, programming, and helping the RRR community. He is also known for making jokes during a conversation.


RST with an R/C Truck

He is the main leader and manager of RRR Racing Forum, however he denies that he is the official leader as there exists "another admin". If you ask him he might say a famous phrase such as "who knows".[1]

In 2003 he made a web site called "Y'ARP - Yes, another Re-Volt Page" which included some tracks, cars, and game information.

RST has made an impact on the community by using his skills of programming to provide new and exciting tools to the Re-Volt community. He knows several programming languages including ASM, Javascript, DIV, C++, and Visual Basic. Along with this he can speak English and Spanish fluently.


Kora is RST's famous pet dog that is able to do many tricks and is quite intelligent. For example opening doors. She is sort of the RRR community mascot.


Kora is RST's famous pet dog.


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