Lo Scassatore, AKA A-Rag, is an italian male racer, track author, mod and pack maker. His most important creations are available on the Alias Re-Volt Master website. These include 2 Re-Volt Drift Packs, the Re-Volt Formula 00 and Re-Volt Crazy Kart Mod.

In the Re-Volt Crazy Kart Mod are included several original kart-style tracks made by him, some of them are also available on RVZT as single tracks.

The tracks LS Tiny Oval Drome and Double Oval Drome were created for the Alias Re-Volt Master NASCAR Championship.

On his Youtube Channel, he has published a complete video-review of all the races of the ARM Special NASCAR Rollout. It is a special event that introduces the ARM NASCAR Champioship.

He has also dabbled with repaints which can be seen in his WTCC Car Pack, available on Alias Re-Volt Master.

Also He Released A KKC 2013 Event That Come Ingame

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