Kriss (Krišjānis Pleiko) born August 11th, 1994 is a Revolter from Latvia. He has made 10 cars, 2 originals[1] - and 4 tracks, one Extreme[2]. He also made the WorlDO tool[3] which can be used to edit LEGO tracks and is freeware. His latest project is called Daily-volt, a site dedicated to all Re-volt members (players, editers etc.) to answer daily questions about Re-volt that are asked in picture or video. The site was active primarily in 2011.

Re-volt LIVE Logo (14.11.2010)

Re-volt LIVE Forum logo by Kriss

He is known on many forums for Re-volt as "krisss", on RVHouse as "krisss" and on as "kerkis10" and "kriss". He also enjoys making photos and videos for the community.


  1. Kriss' Cars at RVZT
  2. Kriss' Tracks at RVZT
  3. WorlDO tool homepage
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