aka Kallel A.Y

  • I live in Tunisia
  • I am male

KayThefalcon (kay, Kfalcon) a former male Re-Volt Racer better known for his tools. He has been active in RRR (2007-2010), ORP and RVL (2010-2013).

Re-Volt contribution

Re-Volt Track/car makers

Kfalcon has been developing "Rv Car Studio" (new Car Load) and new "W_Console" however, there is no apparent progress.

Among his work:

Early works:

  • RV Count-32: a Re-Volt poly counter
  • Skymap previewer: a tool for previewing skymaps 
  • Rv Shade GUI: a GUI for RV shade
  • Instance Ripper: Rips the instances from track 
  • Rv-cleaner: allows you to clean your Re-Volt track from useless files 
  • Hul2pov fix + Hul2pov GUI 


  • Rv smauncher (with Urne): a program for launching Re-Volt
  • Rv Organizer (with Urne): a tool for organizing track.
  • Permanent Ignore RV House user (with tomoAlien): allows you to ignore someone permanently [obsolete]
  • Re-Volt version selector : an R3-RVS clone
  • Screen Capture tool: a tool for capturing screen 1 capture/second [Release]


He's also maintaining RVTMOD

He has also made Engines for Re-Volt alternatives (for loading Re-Volt files into .NET plateform)

My contributions

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