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AGT or GodOfTitans is a 20yr. old male racer and track designer which lives in the United States. Although he has been sometimes called a "Sacred Cow" by some on the Re-Volt scene, he can also be a pretty cool guy. It has been rumored that he is influencing people to leave RRR Racing Forum, which however is false regardless how much RST touts it.

He first made his appearance on the Revolt scene September 3rd, 2003 with the release of Tropic, but had been playing the game for a year prior. He has also released several other tracks, such as Forest Run, Blizzard Beach, Sky Garden, Butterfly Cove, and helped Manmountain on Interweave Highway . You can say he has a green thumb when it comes to the themes of his tracks. He has dabbled with cars a little bit but has never publicly released any.

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