General Info

DSL_Tile alias, Tile2 and DSL_Terror is a member of the community and webmaster of RVA. He was compelled to create RVA after the closing of ReVolt Downloads and has captured and uploaded many resourceful archives.He is also a frequent visitor of #ReVolt-Chat on Austnet.

Origin/His life

He currently resides in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and the origin of his nickname came from two simple facts. He owns a tile company, and his Internet type was DSL. He is married to Roseladi[1] [2]


DSL_Tile's page at RVA

References and Notes

  1. (Roseladi is a female racer, she also created some cars)
  2. Revolt-chat IRC log DSL_Tile:u know who rose is ?|she is my wife
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