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Name: Adam Ryan O'Dell
Birth: June 27th, 1992
First Appeared: August 2007

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Adam. He became the proud co-owner of a Sega Dreamcast (along with his brother) on the fateful day of September 9th, 1999. For $200 from their father and a bit of guilt, a new Sega system was in their hands. One of the first games they received for the system was Re-Volt. Adam enjoyed how quirky it was. Music was catchy too, to the child's ears. A year later, he saw the PC version at a book fair- and was interested in it. He asked his brother about it, and his brother said "people release cars with custom paintjobs and tracks and stuff for the PC version" which immediately got him interested. However, he shot his hopes down when he said their current computer probably couldn't run it.

He soon forgot about the ordeal and just remembered to play the Dreamcast version every once in a while. He missed out on a whole community's birth. Many years later, in the summer of 2007, shortly after receiving an Xbox 360, he remembered Re-Volt... and he remembered that there was a PC version. He searched for it, to find it as abandonware on Abandonia. He downloaded it and set it up, immediately looking to the internet for custom releases and tutorials. He was immediately pulled in by TheMeandMe's car conversions and their site with plenty to choose from.

After he joined the community, he quickly gained interest in converting cars via TheMeandMe's NFS4 to Re-Volt tutorial posted on RVA. Later, he finally discovered the active site, RVZT, and found that while people were still releasing tracks and repaints occasionally, conversions weren't all that common.


Elise GT1 from Gran Turismo 2, the first successful conversion from that game.

He was the first to convert cars from Test Drive 6, Gran Turismo 2, and the Grand Theft Auto series (Vice City). Most of his converstions are from NFS4, however, due to the ease of converting from that game.

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