Re-Volt Wiki
Turbo Battery icon.

Sprinter XL using the Turbo Battery.

Turbo Battery is a Pick Up which gives fast acceleration and a quick top speed boost to the car for 10 seconds. It can also cancel any electric pulse that hit the car. It is best used in a long stretch with minimal turning required.

Some versions differ from each other. Dev0 for instance, give the car a permanent speed boost. In some Demos it has a lesser speed boost, lasts half of the time, and didn't increase acceleration or grip as it does in the full version. One more difference exists in the Dreamcast version of the game, which uses a different .wav sound for the battery.

The final version properly increases the maneuverability, and makes it so that the car can drive around corners better. However, if this Pick-Up is used with some specific cars in some easy turns, the car will still be able to spinout. Mouse and Genghis Kar are known cars with this defect.