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The "Training" menu, as it should look like. Image provided by Ripax77.

Training is a playmode for Re-Volt. Not much is known about it, only that it appears in some demonstration versions of the game in the "Game Mode" menu. Also, there are some pictures in the Re-Volt Gallery which mentions the Training mode (lib11a.bmp and lib11b.bmp). The playmode was part of the game around the beginning of 1999, but was removed from the full version for some unknown reason.

On October 29 2013, the user Ripax77 published his discovery in the topic Playing in the Rolling Demo at Re-Volt Live, where he managed to access the Training mode using Cheat Engine 6.2, and also all the options of the Rolling Demo. The playmode continues unplayable, but now it's possible to visualize how the Training menu should look like.