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Track editor is the in-game tool that allows you to create tracks, exported tracks are called Lego. All versions of Re-Volt include the editor. PC Patch 0916 and DreamCast release introduced double sized tracks e.g. tracks which can be exported much wider than the average Lego.


  • Cursor Keys - Moves cursor
  • Return/Enter - Places module
  • C - Copies module
  • Delete - Deletes module
  • Z - Previous Variant
  • X - Next Variant
  • Page Up - Raises module
  • Page Down - Lowers module
  • Space - Rotates module
  • +/- - Rotates Camera
  • Escape - Brings up menu
  • F1 - Brings up help


Menu contains these options:

  • Modules - Selects a module
  • Pickups - Allows you to place pickups
  • Adjust - Allows to resize and move track around
  • Save - Saves a Track editor file that can be later edited
  • New - Clears the track
  • Load - Loads a saved track
  • Export - Makes a playable Re-Volt track that can't be later edited
  • Quit - Quits the editor


Modules are the track pieces that compose a track. Some of them come in two textures and multiple variants.

  • Start grid - The place where cars start and the laps end.
  • Straights - A straight track. Has a variable slope.
  • Dips - It's a pinched track piece. Has a variable pinchness.
  • Humps - It's a bumped track piece. Has a variable bumpiness.
  • Square corner - It's a square turn.
  • Round corner - It's a smooth turn. Has a variable size.
  • Diagonal - It's a diagonal straight track. Has a variable size and side.
  • Bank - It's a banked straight track/square corner. Has a variable bank start/bank/banked square corner.
  • Rumble strip - It's a bumpy track piece. Has a variable bumpiness.
  • Narrow section - It's a narrow track piece, Can be changed into a narrow-in piece as a variable.
  • Pipe - It's a pipe piece. Variants are the Straight pipe, turn, slope and a pipe-in.
  • Bridge - It's a track-over-track. Has a variable height of track over the main piece.
  • Crossroad - It's a crossing,
  • Jump - It's a red floor piece that says jump. It warns the player about the jump.
  • Chicane - It's a very annoying track piece that has angled walls on side.

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