The Toyeca is one of many selectable stock cars available in Re-Volt.


The Toyeca is a Glow-powered car with a 4WD drivetrain, classified under the Pro rating. Toyeca is considered by the majority of the Revolters as "the official standard car for online racing". Apparently, the car has a good balance between speed, acceleration, and handling, making this car one of the top choices for racing.

Racing Standard

The uprising popularity of the Toyeca being used for online racing was started up from a currently unknown source. The car's popularity is so immense over the online racing scene, that it has became the standard for most online races, cups, and other online activities such as Battle Tag. Most of the players online prefer to play as this car, instead of the wide selection of other cars that are available to be used. There are a few players who do not prefer the Toyeca as their choice of car, and so would choose another car, commonly the Cougar or the Humma and sometimes the AMW, and a select few others in online racing choose cars in a lower rating, such as the Adeon, Zipper, and others. However, the Toyeca is not the best choice of car for online racing, as this also depends on the track that the host selects.

The creation of custom car ratings for online events such as the 'Slugs' drastically decreased the overuse of Toyeca, which was used mainly for the 'Slug Championships' of Re-Volt Live and currently for the Re-Volt I/O events among with the 'Prugs' and other custom ratings. [1] [2] Multiplayer games with Toyeca still happens though.

Additional Information

  • This car is not present in any of the various Re-Volt demos.
  • The name "Toyeca" possibly is a play with 'Toy Car'.
  • Toyeca's top speed in the mode Junior RC is 40 kph.
  • It was possibly based in a Porsche 959 or 961 Coupe.
  • There is another version of this car called Evil Toyeca, which doesn't exist in any version of the game. It was founded in Xbox version source code.


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