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This template labels stubs.


To use it, place {{stub}} at the bottom of the page. This template adds articles to Category:Article stubs.


What stubs are

Stubs are articles on the wiki which are generally incomplete or very small and have insufficient information. A stub is to one day become a full article through contributing editors.

If you find a page which you feel is too small, it should be marked as a stub. Depending on the article subject, if it is under 2000 bytes, it is already considered a stub. You can also mark those you notice that lacks important information.

People can even create stubs, just be sure to mark it with the correct template.

Tips for expanding

When editing a stub, it is a good idea to consider the following tips.

  • Use good grammar and English. This helps provide clear and quality articles.
  • Research and collect information. We need facts.
  • A stub can become a full fledge article when it is large enough. Be sure to expand.