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Screenshot of the Moment

Gbc sgt market.png
One of the several screenshots shared by Quang Nguyen, programmer of the cancelled Game Boy Color port of Re-Volt.

Past screenshots...

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This template is exclusive to the main page of this wiki, and is not intended to be used in other pages.

The Screenshot of the Moment serves to showcase a recent image usually related to recent news about the game or the community, but can also be an image that deserves a spotlight.


The template is displayed by simply adding {{MainPage/ScreenshotBox}}.


Requirements and style

To change the Screenshot of the Moment, do as follows:

  1. Upload the screenshot or picture you want to place as Screenshot of the Moment.
  2. Go to the template page and click Edit.
  3. Change the file/image name by your picture's name.
  4. Change the picture's description. Try using few words.
  5. Adjust its size (pixels, px) so that it fits well in the box. Several tests may be required. Reload the main page during the adjustment, to see if the picture is not too big or too small (remember that the picture must be inside the box).

After you changed the Screenshot of the Moment, don't forget to add the screenshot you removed at Screenshot of the Moment (Archive) in the respective date order.