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This template is used to group basic data about cars like top speed, acceleration, folder name, etc. Every page about cars with a parameters.txt should contain an infobox so readers can access the car's data in a quick way.

There's no need to add an infobox if several data about the car is not available.


Copy and paste the code sample below at the car page you're writing, then replace the data accordingly.


{{Infobox car
|name=NY 54
NY54P4.png|DC </gallery>
|type=[[Standard Car]]
|speed=35 mph (57 kph)
|acc=1.62 m/s²
|weight=1.6 kg
|author=[[Acclaim Studios London]]
LOAD ([[Re-Volt (PS1)|PS1]])
|unlock=Collect all stars for [[Medium]] tracks in [[Practice]]
|previous=[[R6 Turbo]]
|next=[[Bertha Ballistics]]

results in the infobox below, placed at the right:


Cells data should be added as follows:

  • Name: Name of the car as seen in parameters.
  • Image: Upload a decent screenshot of the car, then add its full name after the =. It should be at least 256x256px (or larger), and square (equal sides). If the car has more than one version/appearance, a <gallery> tag can be used to display them through tabs (see the code sample above).
  • Type: The type of the vehicle. It may be Standard Car, Console Car, Special Car, Demo Car, DEV Car, Unreleased Car or Custom Car.
  • Class: Class of the car as seen in the car selection screen.
  • Rating: Rating of the car as seen in the car selection screen.
  • Top Speed: The maximum speed the car can reach, in mph (and kph optionally). The Calculate Car Stats feature of RVGL can be used to measure top speed.
  • Acc: Standard acceleration calculation: Divide the top speed of the car (measured or converted to metres per second) by the time it takes to reach it. Example: the top speed of a car is 40 m/s, and it takes 5 seconds to reach it. That means its acceleration is 8 m/s² (metres per second saquared). The Calculate Car Stats feature of RVGL can be used to measure the time taken.
  • Body Mass: Value from parameters. Add kg at the end.
  • Drivetrain: Drivetrain (Trans) of the car as seen in the car selection screen.
  • Author: Creator(s) of the car.
  • Folder: The folder where the files of the car are installed. Can be added folder names from other game versions.
  • Unlock: Obtain method. Can be one of the follow (names between brackets should be replaced accordingly):
    • Available at start.
    • Win [Cup Name] in Championship.
    • Beat the Challenge times for [difficulty name] tracks in Time Trial.
    • Collect all stars for [difficulty name] tracks in Practice.
    • Finish in 1st place for [difficulty name] tracks in Single Race.
    • CARNIVAL only.
  • Previous: Previous car in the car selection screen.
  • Next: Next car in the car selection screen.

If there are some missing information, just remove it from the table and the item will not be shown after you publish your edits. For instance, unlock, previous and next are not used for customs or cars from the demos.

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