TVTIME active

TVTIME is a Cheat code used by Acclaim Entertainment's developers in order to assure the best quality and performance of camera nodes.

It's all about to play Re-Volt using Replay Cameras instead of 3rd perspective (2nd/1st)'s default cameras



Enter Name

Turning it on is quite easy. Simply write TVTIME as your name, then while racing just press 'F5' or 'F6' in order to activate the cameras. Press F5 to use replay, F6 for free movement camera. In order to disable the cameras, press F1.

Free Camera controls

Mouse Controls
Axis Rotation
Left Button Move Forward
Right Button Move Backward
Keyboard Controls
Q Move Backward
E Move Forward
W Move Up
S Move Down
A Move Left
D Move Right
Z Zoom In
C Zoom Out
X Reset Zoom

Note: Control inverts in mirrored mode

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