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Supermarket Battle, also known as Market Arena in its .inf file, is a battle track created by Acclaim Studios London.

The track is the battle variant of SuperMarket 2. As a result, some elements are re-used, most notably the freezer section. Supermarket Battle is only available in the Windows and Dreamcast versions of the game.

Course Layout[]

Combatants start in a room filled with aisles. There are 3 columns and 2 rows of these aisles, creating 4 separate lanes and making the room a labyrinth. To the right of them is the room's exit.

Right ahead of the exit is a ramp, which instantly takes players to the same freezer section as seen in SuperMarket 2. Alternatively, those who slow down just before the ramp can take a right turn instead, which leads into a narrow hallway. As the freezer section is a wide 180 degree turn, the end of the freezer section leads to the end of the narrow hallway.

At the end of the narrow hallway is a right turn, which results into a storage room with many cardboard boxes. The storage room consists of two elevating inclines. A very small ventilation passageway can be seen into the left end of the storage room. Entering this passageway leads into the top shelf of the freezer section, which runs all the way around the perimeter of the room.


The most obvious of the hazards is easily the freezer section, returning from SuperMarket 2. It retains its icy, slippery surface, punishing many vehicles with poor grip and those with a RWD drivetrain. However, the whole surface is slippery, whereas in SuperMarket 2 the outskirts of the room was dry. Losing grip in this section could easily allow opponents to steal the star off the one that has it.

As there as 6 aisles in the room, this leads to a lot of pressure from the evading player. In a game where there is a lot of pace, it entices the player to swerve around the aisles in order to evade others successfully. This increases the risk of colliding into the aisles.

Furthermore, one must be cautious when leaving the aisle rooms. As there is a ramp right at the end, players can launch right into the freezer section if they drive too fast. Although they can slow down in order to drive into the narrow hallway, opposing racers can easily steal the star off them if they slow down. As a result this situation causes a dilemma, meaning at times avoiding the freezer section is not possible.

Finally, with the ventilation route being narrow and surrounded by cardboard boxes from the storage room, entering it can be difficult. This is made worse from the notion that opposing players can steal the star.


Supermarket Battle's complex layout entices a lot of possible strategies and scenarios. The first thing to note that there is only one entrance to the aisle section, resulting in a dead end if one enters into the room. This makes it crucial to maneuver around the aisles successfully to evade other combatants. However, it increases the risk of colliding into one or losing control, so a degree of caution is also required.

Because of the freezer section and that sometimes it is impossible to avoid this area due to the pressure of the opposing players, RWD configured cars are not recommended for this course. Instead, high-accelerating, high-handling vehicles are preferable, as with the nature of the Battle Tag mode. Cars such as SNW 35 or JG-7 are able to move from one room to another thanks to its favorable characteristics.

The top shelf of the freezer section is a decent place to stray as the only route there is the ventilation passageway. Considering the fact that most vehicles tend to stray away from the freezer section, one can drop down to the section without fear of being surrounded if he or she anticipates that opposing racers will come to that route.

Star Locations[]

There are seven possible locations of the Star.

Located at the back of the room with the aisles, behind an aisle shelf.

Located at the hinge of a freezer section door, at the entrance ahead of the aisle room.

Located at the center of the freezer room.

Situated at a loading bay gate on the side of the narrow hallway. It is visible from the exit of the freezer section.

On top of a series of cardboard boxes in the storage room.

Located at the entrance of the open ventilation duct.

At the end of the path of the top shelf in the freezer room. It is adjacent to where Star 2 was.

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