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Swapping Stock Tracks or editing them is one of the ways of selecting permanent locked tracks. This method is useful to access hidden tracks like Frontend and Intro Sequence, and also for tracks from a different playmode than Single Race, as the Battle Tracks or the Stunt Arena.

This method is used more in the legacy versions of the game (from the original CD-ROM). Using it in Re-Volt 1.2 or RVGL will be like a waste, since the -dev switch can be used to automatically unlock the hidden tracks. This is very useful in the Re-Volt demos too.

Make a non-selectable track to be recognized as custom

This procedure is used for the PC full version. It is pretty simple, and can be done in few steps:

  1. Copy the folder of the track you want to unlock and paste it in the same folder it is located (levels).
  2. Change the track's folder name to any other, and rename all its files accordingly. That's to say, the inf file, the Bitmaps and the MAKEITGOOD files (.rim, .fob...) should have the same name of the track's folder.

After these two steps just go at the Track Selection Screen to select the track. The game will read it as a user track (custom) and will put it after Toytanic 2 in the selection order.

Playing in Frontend (PC demos)

  1. In the levels folder, make a backup of both frontend and nhood1 folders.
  2. Delete the folder nhood1 (the original, not the backup).
  3. Rename the frontend folder to nhood1. Do the same for all the files inside it that are called frontend (example: rename frontend.inf to nhood1.inf, frontenda.bmp to nhood1a.bmp, and so on).
  4. Run the game, go to the Track Selection Screen and select Toys in the Hood 1. If the procedure was done correctly, the track Frontend will be loaded instead of Toys in the Hood 1.

Playing in the reversed mode of stock tracks

This procedure is more useful for demos since the reversed mode available in Toys in the Hood 1 can't be acessible due to its limitations. It consists in overwriting some of the MAKEITGOOD files from nhood1 folder.

  1. Backup the folder nhood1 so that you can bring it back later.
  2. Inside the nhood1 folder, go to the reversed folder.
  3. Copy the files inside it. Then, go back to nhood1 and paste them in there. MAKEITGOOD files of its "normal mode" are going to be overwrited.
  4. Open nhood1.inf and switch the values of STARTPOS and STARTPOSREV. Do the same for STARTROT and STARTROTREV. Follow the example below:


STARTPOS	-14974. 88. 20489  ;Start position of the car
STARTPOSREV	-13311. 37. 18925  ;Start position of the car
STARTROT	0.25		;Start rotation of the car (0 - 1)
STARTROTREV	0.75		;Start rotation of the car (0 - 1)


STARTPOS	-13311. 37. 18925  ;Start position of the car
STARTPOSREV	-14974. 88. 20489  ;Start position of the car
STARTROT	0.75		;Start rotation of the car (0 - 1)
STARTROTREV	0.25		;Start rotation of the car (0 - 1)

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