It's a program for editing Re-Volt Cars, made by KDL (known as kay).

RV Car Studio is a remake of Car::Load from scratch, using a different rendering engine and a different design (layout). By december 2013, it has already most of
RV Car Studio - A new Car Editor for RE-VOLT

RV Car Studio - A new Car Editor for RE-VOLT

Car::Load's features.


As of December 2013, RV Car Studio can officially:

  • Preview cars more correctly than Car::Load
  • Allow Refresh textures periodically.
  • Textures modification 
  •  Double Parameters editing: using text and GUI (+synchronization) 
  • Frontend parameters section realtime preview.
  • Body parameters and models modifications
  • Auto Calculate Inertia using different method (+import)
  • Auto Calculate wheel model files + different values.
  • 3D realtime preview of Springs+Axles+Spinner modification
  • Advanced Car shader (with light) using RIKO .
  • WIP Carbox maker


RV Car studio is officially known as RV and not Re-Volt to avoid copyright infrigment.

It's also licensed under GNU GPL but since it's still in prealpha, there is source uploaded. That would mean, People are free to use it and free to modify sources.

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