RV-Glue is Re-Volt's most notable work that is a part of the RVTMod package. It's a C++ application developed by Ali (Alexander Kröller) for car and track makers. It is mostly used for ripping, glueing, and creating world files and prms.


  • Colorizing
  • Envmap
  • Shading
  • Setting a texture to Lego Floors
  • Making track zones invisible
  • Making collision lower
  • Split Lego track into pieces
  • Deleting a trackzone's collision
  • Extracting tracks into prms
  • Remapping and mapping textures

How does it work?

To access RVGlue, a text file containing the commands has to be creatred.


create zone.prm nhood1.w (

   tazsplit (
       default ( off )
         1 ( )


2nd- save the file (__example:__ command.txt) 3rd- execute the script using batch way, Cmd way, CLE way or Extreme Tools Manager way

'* batch'': (save this script below as command.bat and execute it) RV-GLUE command.txt

  • Cmd: (Run: 'CMD' and then locate the program and the script location then execute that script)

CD "C:\program files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt\RV-GLUE\" RV-GLUE command.txt

  • CLE (Download Command-Line Emulator and then write the script below)

RV-GLUE command.txt

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