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Revolt - Under the hood

In Revolt, you can race RC cars. We all know that, but what happens when you go into the games files?

Well, I (Sebdaman) found out you can change the background files of the cars, and make them driveable. I will explain below:

The 'You Don't Need to use cheats to drive cars hack/edit'

In the background files, you can find a whole lot of stuff that you can edit.

This modification to the 'Probe UFO' changes the configuration settings so that you can drive the 'Probe UFO' without the URCO cheat. Unfortunately, it has the faded grey [CHT] indication when you select it at the loading screen.

In the game's files, you will find a folder called 'cars', and in that folder you will find a lot of folders, saying stuff like 'panga' and 'UFO'. We will focus on the UFO.

Open the UFO folder, open the parameters file and you will find an option that has these words/numbers/symbols beside it:


Change that option to 0, and voila, you have the Probe UFO to use everytime.

  • I read on the WolfR4 website that the launcher fixes this bug, and I (Sebdaman) use [WolfR4], and so should you, if you play this game.
  • This makes the URCO cheat obselete. But that's OK.

Also, this works for the mystery car, the clockwork cars, and all other cars that are not unlocked by default. They might have -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. Below I (Sebdaman) have listed some of the folder names for special cars that aren't unlocked by default:

  • Wind-UP cars: 'Wincar1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Mystery Car: 'q'

The 'Drivable Shopping Trolley' modification

Told you. It's totally driveable. Just don't drive it in the Botanical Gardens level, or else you'll be sorry.

This modification will allow you to drive the shopping cart that is featured in the supermarket levels of the game. To make the trolley drivable, follow the below instructions.

First, go to the Levels folder, go to the directory 'market1', and find a Windows Bitmap with the following file name:


If you cannot find it, hold [SHIFT] and type "T R O L L E Y", without the spaces.

Secondly, go to 'cars', then go to 'trolley', and then right-click, click paste or press CTRL and V on your keyboard. If it does not come up, repeat this instruction.

Then, actually open the 'parameters' file, go into it and find an entry which looks like the diagram below:


Change the 'None' part to cars\trolley\trolley.bmp. It should look like this:

TPAGE "cars\trolley\trolley.bmp"

Also, don't close just yet, go into the part with the '-1' in it, and change it to '0'.

If you have Re-volt 1.2, you can grab the Trolley box-art from this wiki.

Now, close it, open Revolt, la de da, and then select your car. It should pop up next to Panga if you unlock it, else it is next to the car that you have last unlocked. It has the box with the mystery car, and a lot of question marks on it.

With the 'Clone Pickup' weapon, the trolley won't flip or anything. Isn't that great? Unfortuantely, it filps on corners, and is only supposed to be a 'fun' car.

'Create your own car'

Please note: This isn't as good as using elbow grease and animating your own car. You probably will love this edit to bits: Create your own car:

For this, you just need to copy and paste the folder of the car model you like from the game; examples are 'rotor' and 'trolley'

Note: If you use Jet Black (hex code 000000), but not the black before it, 
the part you will paint will go see-thru in-game. 
Although this is the best graphics help in Re-Volt, if you use Jet Black 
(hex code 000000), your car will become invisible.

Rename the folder (info below) you copied and pasted and then go in it. You then can edit the paint job bitmap with Photoshop,, or even just old humble Paint. Save the texture in the new folder you created.

Note: The folder name must be different, like for 'Rotor' I changed it to 'Dos', the spanish word for 'two'

You then open the 'parameters' file, change the unlockable ability to 0, and change the car name to the folder name, for coolness.

It is a different car, named 'Dos', but the glitch means otherwise. Oh well. Look at the aerial!

Also, change the TPAGE and all other cars\<folder name> entries to cars\<folder name>\<file.bmp>

By Folder Name, I mean the name you named it to, and by file.fil, I mean the file. Change file.fil for TPAGE to <texture name.bmp>

Note: You don't have to do the above steps, except for the TPAGE if you want your new texture on your car.

Save, and then run Re-Volt.

Voila, your very own Vehicle you can drive.

The 'long aerial' edit

The last edit I know of is the 'long aerial' edit. There isn't much point using it, but it's there.

In your cars 'parameters' file, go to the aerial area, and change some of the settings, like for example, the aerial length option you can change to a ridiculously big number, and the stiffness I put at about 2000.

In the tracks with carpet or grass, care should be taken, the aerial creates shadows which cause rendering problems. It did on an old PC running Windows ME, but when I tried it on Windows Vista, it didn't. Just a warning.

And thats all it takes. Excellent!!!


Well, those are some 'hacks' I know. If you find an error, please email me at seb(dot)andreassen(at)hotmail (dot)com.

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