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Welcome to the policy page of Re-Volt Wiki. Here you can find all our rules, block policies and guidelines.

Rules are made to ensure organization, good conduct, and several important things that are fundamental for a community. Above all, rules ensure a peaceful coexistence with others with equal rights for everyone, and that's the main point for us. We expect this wiki to be a place where everyone feels welcome and everyone can have a good time. Not referring to only the project contributors, but for readers as well. Moreover, the rules are made to ensure the improvement and quality of the wiki.

You'll rather be blocked if you didn't strictly follow the rules, guidelines and manuals. Listening to the warnings of admins and moderators, striving to not repeat your mistakes and showing to us you're really interested to help will reduce a lot your chances to receive a block. However, you should be really careful to not break more severe rules such as vandalism and spam.

This page tends to change according to the community experience. The policy can be discussed at the discussion page, and there everyone are free to suggest new rules or question the existing ones.

This policy applies for the discussion page as well.

Block protocol[]

At first we'll start with our block protocol.

When someone breaks some rule, at first comes a warning. If they ignore the warning and repeat the same error with no effort to improve they'll be blocked.

A block will remove their permission to edit pages for a certain period of time. The block expiry may vary according to the nature of their attitudes.

Infringement weights and block expirations
Infringement weight Light Medium Serious Extremely serious
Block expiry 2 hours 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year

1 day might be sufficient to calm down a fight, while it is 1 year if the person suddenly start deleting content of pages. It will all depend on the situation.

There would be cases when a person will be blocked without any warnings. This will happen in extremely serious situations. For instance, if a person do a race to spread spam in pages.

Blocks are IP based, that is, it blocks the last IP address used by the blocked user, and also, any subsequent IP addresses they try to edit from.

Blocked users can still talk in their talk page so that they can answer to the block and try to explain themselves. However, if this user start spamming or do any prohibited action, this user will be prevented from editing their own talk page as well. After that, the only alternative for contacting users from this wiki would be search for the person's profile page in the Community Central.

After the block, the person is clean and forgiven of their deeds. A person should never be blocked forever. Still, they might be another time if they brake a rule again.

When an admin, moderator or rollbacker is blocked, their permissions will be removed as well, and they'll need another election of the community to have their permissions back.


Now here comes our rules.

  1. Do not intimidate, harass or be unkind to people (be civil)
    Politeness and respect are universally accepted. Try not to be aggressive, rude or offensive. Try always to be a good person.
  2. Do not do vandalism, especially repeated vandalism
    Evident destruction or tentative to damage the usefulness of content for other readers is kind of an obvious infraction. Repeat these actions after a warning will certainly result in a severe block.
  3. Do not insert nonsense or gibberish into pages
    Don't add things that are meaningless, unintelligible or that make no sense at all.
  4. Do not spam
    Spreading links to external sites or any other type of spam will not be tolerated.
  5. Do not remove content from pages
    Removing all the content from a page and publishing it blank will be seen as vandalism. If you think a page should be removed, add a deletion tag at the top and explain why you think it should be deleted. Your reasons will be considered and then the community will decide if the page should be deleted or not.
  6. Do not insert false information
    Make a double check and do researches to confirm what you are writing is true. Always if possible add reliable references and sources to prove your statements, specially if it's something unknown by the community. Use the cite template if you don't have any reference.
  7. Do not join the wiki with offensive or misleading usernames or avatars
    Avatars or usernames that are deceptive, offensive, NSFW or any of the sort are not welcome. You'll be prompted to change your username and avatar or switch to another account. Otherwise you'll receive a severe block.
  8. Do not add NSFW content
    Nothing of the sort is allowed in this wiki.
  9. Do not abuse user rights
    This rule is directed specially for admins, moderators and rollbackers. Anyone from these user groups must use their powers to benefit the community, not themselves. Have powers doesn't make you a king, neither it means you can do whatever you decide by your own. Everyone in the community should be heard, and decisions should be taken in a democratic way (some examples are electing a moderator or admin, deleting a page, or changing wiki CSS). It is also wrong to think that admins or moderators are owners of the final word, which is not true. The community should always be consulted, and if the majority disagrees with some change, this change will not happen.
  10. Do not add pages or files that are copyright violations
    Fandom uses CC-BY-SA license for articles. Your contributions must be compatible with that license.
  11. Do not abuse multiple accounts
    If you edit this wiki while another account of yours is blocked, this current account you're using will be blocked too, and the first blocked account will have an increase in the block expiry. Also you should not use multiple accounts to vote in a poll for instance.
  12. Do not ignore our manual of style
    The manual of style is there for a reason. We have a standard for writing and layouts that we want to follow. If you disagree with something in the manual you can always discuss about it.
  13. Do not give support to any sides (be neutral)
    Articles must be written with an impartial tone, and should take no part on either side in a conflict of views. Document and explain major points of view in a balanced, non-hateful and non-discriminatory way, without express bias towards any community, group or person. Everyone have their unique point of view, and everyone can read and edit this wiki. That's the main reason for being neutral.
  14. Do not edit others messages or profiles
    Messages wrote by others and their profiles should never be edited, unless you're doing a minor edit (fixing grammar or adapting the message to our manual of style for instance).
  15. Do not write about yourself
    You should not add content related to you or something you made. For that, write in your user page. There you can also use your own style or writing. Also, you can't edit an existent article about you or your work. Still, you can use the talk page to point wrong information or request a deletion of the page.
  16. Do not go off-topic
    Remember this wiki is about the R/C racing video game called Re-Volt and anything unrelated is not acceptable. You can use Wikipedia links to explain some unknown term or briefly explain something, but don't go too far.


  • Be bold
    Update pages and encourage others. Make changes and discuss when you feel it's needed. This site is a wiki and 99% of it is editable without the need of any extra permission.
  • Be communicative
    Ask if you're in doubt. Express your opinions. Explain your plans and discuss changes before you do it yourself. With communication you're able to understand others and they can understand you as well.
  • Assume good faith
    Consider others as human beings just like you consider yourself as one. Consider they're trying to positively contribute to the project, unless you have solid proof to the contrary. Merely disagreeing with you is no such proof. Also, think a little more before reverting good faith edits. Reverting might be too strong sometimes (unless it's obvious vandalism, like "helloooo im meliiiissaaa" or "lol ur geeeei u sux menz coxxx"). If you really can't stand with it, revert with a summary and take to the talk page.
  • Avoid doing personal attacks
    Don't look at others as idiots or look indifferently to them. If someone make something wrong, explain what they did, why it is wrong and how to fix it. You can fix yourself, but remember about assuming good faith.
  • Ignore the rules
    If rules are discouraging or impending you from giving your best, improving the wiki or keeping its quality, then ignore them.Still, you should not even think in posting porn here.
  • Have fun
    Chill out! Enjoy the stay! Remember Re-Volt is just a video game and there's no need to take it too serious.

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