Re-Volt Wiki

Re-Volt Wiki is an online encyclopedia in wiki format hosted at Fandom. This site is dedicated to the old school RC racing game Re-Volt, as well as all the fans and players around the world.

Our goal[]

The whole site was built from fan to fan, with the goal to be an in-depth study of the game, including its modding part and the fans surrounding it. We pretend to serve as an encyclopedia for all the fans, from newcomers to veterans, from casual racers to pros, from creators to developers.


The project was first made by Gaming4JC and EMW in 2006 with the name "Re-Volt the Wiki" and hosted on wikispaces, being also called at some time as "Re-Voltipedia". Due to conflict about the hosting size, the Wiki changed the host to,[1] and migrated later to[2]

The wiki kept growing year after year through collaborations of fans. Thanks to their contributions, the project could remain alive since then. Today we have more than 400 articles available, and our database is still growing.


Re-Volt Wiki have correlations with no website or community, and does not intend to have in the future. The intent is to keep the wiki a centralized project for all the communities and fan-bases around the world.

How to participate[]

Despite being years online, we still have lots to do, so we encourage every people interested to help out. Re-Volt Wiki is an open wiki, and every single page in the site is editable and all contributions are welcome.

If you want to join us, first create an account. After that, read our Policy page and our Manual of style with care, and then you're ready to go!

For more, visit the Community Portal.

Re-Volt Wiki in other languages[]

We're open for associations with Re-Volt wikis of different languages. Contact an admin if you want to link your wiki to ours. Go to Help:Interlanguage link for more information.


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