The Re-Volt Magazine (RVM) was a magazine started by Urnemanden in February 2009. It had 6 sections where 3 of them were under construction, while the rest was pending. The project was never finished.

The RVM was planned to be at 300 dpi (Dots per inch) and the chosen company to print it was Discount Print. After that, copies would be delivered to the interested users, being the RVM Team members the first ones to receive it.

It was planned to have a minimum of 10 copies, but it would depend on the total investment. It was still being planned if the magazine would be digital or tangible.

The RVM Team

  • Urnemanden (Project Leader)
  • MrT (Team Leader)
  • Piwi
  • Catcarrier
  • Hackmett
  • RVPilot (Rating Concept)
  • KayTheFalcon (Comic Designer)

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