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Re-Volt Classic refers to the iOS, Android and SmartTV versions of Re-Volt.


The iOS version of Re-Volt is a semi-rare version of the game. This version has been stripped from the iOS App-Store completely. The game was released over to iOS by WeGo Interactive. They had ties with BigBit which currently holds the iOS port rights. They released the game in October of 2012 on the iOS platform before stripping it years later.

The iOS port had the battery charge, which many people have disliked.[1] Once the battery runs out, the player needs to wait until it charges back. Other option was to buy out the wait time with IAP (In-App Purchases). The possibility to unlock cars and tracks was also available with IAP.

This port currently supported the iPhone 3GS and newer. Originally an iOS device with 32-Bit support for 32-Bit apps would be needed. Apple since removed playing 32-Bit apps and stripped away Re-Volt from Apple IDs.


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