RVA or Re-Volt Archive was a site created by DSL_Tile that archived a lot of information about the Re-Volt community. It was one of the first sites of its kind, maintaining car uploads and track uploads much like Re-Volt Zone does today, but went even further and included tutorials and tools for download. Featured sections included News, Game Info, Downloads, Pic of the Month, and Forum. The forum was pulled by Tile due to spamming among other things, although he planned to reupload it some day for the whole community to see.

The original location of the site went offline due to GameSpy being shutdown, causing DSL_Tile to re-upload the site to a new server hosted on the free webhost Zymic. A mirror was also made on 000webhost. The site is now completely offline due to both mirrors being offline.

All downloads were located on FilePlanet, it too was shutdown.

Recovering the archive

An effort was made by Gaming4JC in June of 2016 to recover several hundred files that were lost from FilePlanet with the help of a member from the Archive Team. They were successfully able to recover over 700 files including cars, tracks, and PRM packs.

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