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Re-Volt (N64) refers to the version of Re-Volt which was released on the Nintendo 64 game console.



This version features pretty good simulation. Although the sound effects aren't as good as the PC version, this version features remixed Soundtracks. Clockwork Carnage mode is not available on this version.


It is possible to use a Nintendo 64 emulator, such as PJ64K, to play Re-Volt Online with others. Although there are no currently scheduled team races, there is a good possibility some one might start to.

Cheat Codes[]

Unlike other versions, The Nintendo 64 does not have all the traditional Cheat codes you enter as Player Name. Instead it supports GameShark and a button command cheat.

Button Command[]

  • B, A, Z, Z, B, L, A, C-Up: Unlock All Cars and Tracks


GameShark can provide the following cheat codes which modify the binary in the game to give the desired effect.

Number of laps in a race modifier (01-14)
8007DBCF 00??
P1 have weapon modifier
81115648 0000
8111564A 00??
8111564E 0001
P2 have weapon modifier
81117B10 0000
81117B12 00??
81117B16 0001
P3 have weapon modifier
81119FD8 0000
81119FDA 00??
81119FDE 0001
P4 have weapon modifier
8111C4A0 0000
8111C4A2 00??
8111C4A6 0001
Number of cars modifier
8111CD5E 00??
Pick-Ups Modifier
8111CD7E 00??

Digits for weapon modifyer[]

N64 Instruction Booklet

The N64 Instruction Booklet

Replace ?? with:

  • 00 = Green Missile
  • 01 = Orange Missile
  • 02 = Multi-Orange Missiles
  • 03 = The Bomb
  • 06 = Oil Slick
  • 07 = Bowling Ball Mine
  • 09 = Lightning Bolt
  • 0A = Orange Star
  • 0B = Beach Ball

Digits for number of cars modifyer[]

Replace ?? with:

  • 01 = One Car
  • 02 = Two Cars
  • 03 = Three Cars
  • 04 = Four Cars

Digits for Pick-Ups Modifier[]

Replace ?? with:

  • 00 = Off
  • 01 = On

Model Conversion[]

It is possible to rip N64 models in the 1964 emulator via Lemmy's Video Debugger Plugin.[1] This method is very useful when converting from the Nintendo 64 version of Re-Volt[2] to the PC version.


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