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Mac-Volt by Marv

Re-Volt (Mac OS X, unofficial) refers to the Macintosh version of Re-Volt which was maintained by Marv at RVF. Basically, this build was Re-Volt's PC version updated to 1.2. Thus, it does not differ from a fresh install updated to 1.2. However, the newest builds featured 32 Bit bitmaps with alpha channel (i.e. smoother, sharper transparency of e.g. plants). Further, it contained a music patch which customizes the track's inf files to indicate to a folder called 'music'. That folder contains the whole original soundtrack. All Re-Volt features are available.

This port has been discontinued due to complications with WeGo Interactive.


The 1.2 patch makes it possible to play Re-Volt in Wine. Older versions were playable, but the loading times were almost as long as in the Playstation version and many other issues made it a bad experience. Since Wine is available for Macintosh as well, it is not very hard to get Re-Volt running. Re-Volt for Mac has been ported with 'Wineskin', which allows you to create standalone applications containing Windows programs.

RV House[]

Newer releases include Re-Volt House to support online races (builds with the suffix 'h', e.g. rvmac1.2a13.0308h). To get it running on older builds, it has to be installed via the Settings app (in newer builds it is located in the Re-Volt folder, in older builds the has to be opened to start After the installing has finished, rvhouse.exe must not be selected (if rvhouse.exe is selected, RVHouse will start every time when is started). Finally, a custom EXE launcher needs to be created. To do so, open the again and select Advanced Settings, go to the second tab and create a launcher for RVHouse. That launcher will be created in the Open it with secondary click, show contents and make an alias of the launcher you just created.

Facts and Features[]

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 21.54

Re-Volt folder on a Mac, located in the /Applications/ folder

  • Advanced transparency due to 32bit bitmaps with alpha channel (credit goes to Urnemanden)
  • Includes the full soundtrack
  • Size: ~150MB
  • RVHouse included/compatible

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