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Re-Volt is the name of a popular Re-Volt dedicated server in the Discord app where conversations about varied topics occur, being it about the game, creations, help, online races, or just random chatting with others. The server is mostly connected with the site Re-Volt I/O.

It was started by Marv and Saffron on August 24, 2015[1] and also URV who joined the group two weeks later.[2] However, the server only had its doors open to the public on Febuary 19, 2016 with the name of Re-Volt Live, and was part of the forum as the name implies.[3] To access the server, people needed an RVL account, and user roles were added according to the forum's member groups.

On August 28, 2016, the server became independent, breaking its connection with the forum. This was made with the intention to attract more people in. Consequently, user roles are no longer in accordance to those on the forum, and new users no longer have to go through a verification process before being let in.[4] After that, the server was renamed to Re-Volt.

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