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Re-Volt (Arcade) refers to the version of Re-Volt which was released on an actual arcade machine by Tsunami Visual Technologies on September 24, 2004.

Arcade 971 ReVolt Motion

The Arcade Machine

This 'port' of the game featured a few changes such as gameplay and graphics. It ran on Microsoft Windows 98 and came in two versions.  The TsuMo Standard Non-Motion Sit Down Re-Volt and the delux model pictured on the right.

The Re-Volt Standard Computer System utilized commercially available computer parts.  Known hardware includes

  • ASUS P4S800-MX SE Motherboard
  • MSI MX4000-T64R Video Card
  • Standard IDE Hard Drive
  • Socket 478 Intel Processor
  • 256MB DDR Memory
  • ATX Power Supply
  • Custom Case with Sock Mounts
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Re-Volt Arcade Gameplay

Hardware can be easily changed with just a driver update and if needed the entire operating system can be reloaded with a CD-ROM that was included with each system.  However once the system is reloaded a custom code must be given to the original manufacturer and a subsequent unlock code must be entered into the Arcade System before it will be usable.

Similar to the Dreamcast version's time trial mode and many other arcade racers, there is a global timer.

This version had two additional tracks. Those are Gabor's Venice and a new track created by Kurt Arnlund, an ex-Tsunami employee.

I created a junk yard circle track using the crane and a car model that I made using pictures of a coworkers car.  I also created some original music that I was using in the junk yard track.

Tracks and cars available[]

Some tracks has been modified by Tsunami. Cars have 5 hue-changed skins available besides the default skin. In total, there are 11 tracks and 23 cars.

Tracks Cars

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