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Race time splash screen

Race Time splash screen

Race Time is a Game Boy Color racing game developed by DAG[1] and published by Rocket Games, released in 2000[2]. Besides ATV Racing, this game uses a modified version of the code and some graphics of the cancelled Re-Volt GBC port.

Race Time wasn't licensed, and has been distributed with 'Pocket Smash Out' in a Mega Value Double Pack.[3]


Rumors of a Game Boy Color port of Re-Volt started on late 2017, when someone found a rare game poster at eBay containing few platforms logos, including GBC's.[4] Then, searches for the GBC port caused the game Race Time to be found in the same year.[citation needed]


The game have a significant number of similarities with the Re-Volt graphics. They are listed below:

  • Menu borders (spru);
  • Slide movement of menus during transitions and items selection;
  • Silver font of menu titles;
  • Menu titles (select race, select car, select track, enter name);
  • Options menu contains 4 skill levels, which resembles the amount of game modes in Re-Volt;
  • Playmodes with similar titles (single race, championship, time trial);
  • Blue colored image in the background, resembling the loading screen image of Re-Volt;
  • Car stats containing speed, acceleration and weight bars. Also drivetrains which are the same in Re-Volt (FWD, RWD, 4WD);
  • One of the cars is called Burning Rubber, which was some sort of internal joke of the original Re-Volt Team;
  • Another car is Desert Turbo, which name resembles Volken Turbo;
  • The font style of the race start countdown resembles Re-Volt's;
  • Speedometer design resembles a lot Re-Volt's;
  • Races have three opponents, as in the Playstation version;
  • Directional arrow placed in the HUD;
  • Enter name menu have a wheel of letters, as Re-Volt's Name Wheel.

Discovery of the Re-Volt GBC version existence[]

The similarities in Race Time led few Revolters to explore the internal bitmaps of the game. In there, they were able to find the race start countdown (3, 2, 1, GO!), pickups and weapons sprites, confirming the game actually had a connection with the GBC port, and also, it helped to reinforce the idea that the GBC port was indeed real and its code was reused for Race Time.[5]

It has been discovered in 2019 that the original code was by Quang Nguyen. When contacted, he stated that his code was also used for ATV Racing, another GBC racing game.[6]


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