Re-Volt Wiki

RVGL is a continuation of Re-Volt 1.2 featuring a complete cross-platform rewrite of Re-Volt which runs natively on both Windows and GNU/Linux.

The source code of Re-Volt and its assets currently remains proprietary as its licensing and copyright was later acquired by WeGo Interactive.[1] As such, it is necessary to obtain a copy of the original game prior to running RVGL. Source code of the RVGL binary has not been publicly released, but RVGL does utilize open source libraries including OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2, and Enet.

In the News[]

RVGL has been featured on Kotaku[2], PandoraLive[3], and ODROID magazine[4].


RVGL has been ported to OpenPandora[5] and ODROID[6]. A DragonBox Pyra port is expected soon.