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RRR Racing Forum Logo (2005 - January 2010) Titled "'Crasssshhhhh!! by RST'" in the forum slideshow

RRR Racing Forum (abbreviation of Re-Volt R/C Racing) was one of the largest English Re-Volt support forums.

The website's principal characteristic was the way that the site was structured. Most of the tutorials which were located on an external free webhost are no longer available. Thus, there is no tutorial section. RRR has put a special emphasis on custom track and car creation and offered several hardcore programs to make the Re-Volt gaming experience more satisfactory. However, it's almost impossible to get access to these programs as the forum is considerably offline. Since the existence of Re-Volt 1.2, most of the programs are now obsolete.

The user were required to register at the forum and then post a reply in the conforming with the Rules topic saying they agree to the rules. Once this is done people could enjoy all the benefits of a member including the tools and programs. Tools of the site are awarded to members which have created custom creations for the game or who have provided some other important information for the community.


The site was created by RST in 2005 with the intention of preserving the Re-Volt community and keeping it alive. The site got popularity very quickly and was the most used sites of the online scene.

Site Hacked

The site was attacked by some user(s) for unknown reasons. The site was partially erased including the important tutorials and tools that were offered by the site. During two years the site was closed and all the references to it were lost.


In August, 2006, the site returned thanks to a request made by RST to the invisionfree team. After the website returned it again was the one of the most popular English speaking forum within a few months.

The Future of RRR

The forum was closed in early 2010 for an RRRe-take which would have included less strict rules regarding the site. The core purpose of the site would remain the same, to promote the creation of things for the game - if people do not do this the site, it was said that RRR would no longer exist on the community.

The following is an interview with RST concerning RRR's future:

It was my intention to reach my Re-Volt dreams. In 1999 it was "Can I do this", and I did it.
The fact is all want the RRR stuff, but what have they given? Nothing?
The RRR was the site that forced the guys to make things, and the result is it's present condition.
The RRR goal was the preservation of Re-Volt. Success. RRR is dead, ok, but Re-Volt is alive. Success.
You have to accept that a thing that was good and great is not possible to be the same forever.
Especially if we don't get support. And This is the current situation. No Support. The deep thing of RRR was to keep up creation and it was a success.
To get RRR working again, it is required to get some online action.This requires the use of the most popular online playing lobby of the game. That is RVHouse...
Just when I arrive, insults and speaking behind the back. For awhile 'I could not return' because I saw the bad feelings and insults. One of my last dreams on this scene will be to return to 1999 with all of my knowledge and the things would be really different. This is such a typical desire of the world.[sic][1]

The Moderating Team

Over the years several people were Moderators or Super Moderators at the RRR. The last Mod team formation was composed by the following persons:

  • Gaming4JC - SuperMod
  • RST - SuperMod
  • huki - SuperMod

Many others including cd095080, Urnemanden, Miromiro, Saffron, Sjampo, KayTheFalcon, and Jaseaka were RRR moderators in the past, but were relieved from power.


Subforums on RRR included Re-volt the game, Arts Attack, Rare pics, Tracks Collection, Championship Zones, The Pitlane, RC Fun World, and Offtopic. All of these were organized in a way that people can easily come and talk about the game to fit their certain needs.


There was an IRC channel on IRC-Hispano called #revolt, where users could chat about Re-Volt related projects and get support from RRR moderation. To join the channel it was required to type "/join #revolt" from this page - also IRC proxy(for G-Lined). Registration was required to enter the channel from IRC-Hispano's registration page.

Official Projects

RST, the lead programmer, has been created several projects:

  • Phoenix R3 - The program was made to allow all features of stock tracks for custom tracks.
  • Toybox - This program was made to allow people to manage the tracks and cars. The program is also capable to create auto-installers for the tracks and cars with a superior compression.
  • R3-256 - A highly compressed installer containing the full Re-volt game in one exe under 12'6 MB.
  • R3-DCP - A Program to allow real time previewing of Re-Volt cars, mainly for repaints and Parameter tweaking...
  • R3-RVS - A program to change between multiple Re-Volt (PC) versions.
  • Hul2Pov Fix - Fixes Hull2PovRay for be used in Windows.
  • ASE2W Fix - Fixes ASE2W to support several other bitmaps for use With Phoenix R3.

RRR Champs

RRR has also started several multiplayer racing championships called RRR RC World Champs List/RRR R/C World Champs. Another type of championship called 'The Ghost championship' based in the use of the time trial mode and the Re-volt ghost car is also available.


"Tracks of the Week" were also held on a semi-annual basis where custom tracks were played once a week.

Visibility of the site

Though the site is still technically online, the pages do not render properly. This is due to imageshack and other free webhosts removing content over the years, and a piece of javascript left over from RRRe-take which causes the page to refresh and DOM to not render properly.

To view RRR, the use of Firefox or a Webkit browser was required. Attempting to use any other browser will result in a non-fully-functional webpage and a javascript warning prompt. Since 2015 it might appear dead but the use of browser's Inspector (F12) tool is needed to remove "visibility: hidden;" from style= in <body> to unhide the website. basic InvisionFree usage only, the forum heavily depends on now defunct websites which is why it appears broken.

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  1. 5-11-10 (08:07:55 PM)-(08:45:58 PM) conversation with RST on IRC-Hispano
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