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Showing Iron Bob's Mad Bull.

R3-DCP is the codename for the "RRR Dynamic Car Previewer". It is a program that has the ability to load and preview a car without loading Re-Volt and has many bonus features to adjust the viewport. RST, the lead programmer, hopes that this program will encourage more custom cars for Re-Volt.


  • Multiple Graphics Engines for Car Rendering.
  • Ability to turn on and off different parts of cars.
  • Wireframe and Vertex viewing.
  • Timed re-loading of cars for live repaints.
  • Timed interval for switching between all cars in Re-Volt folder.
  • Ability to find and report parameter.txt problems.
  • Ability to show actual car specs from parameter.txt.
  • Can take Screenshots of cars.


  • Esc - Exits program.
  • Right or Down - Loads Next Car.
  • Left or Up - Loads Previous Car.
  • Delete - Deletes Custom Cars (Not Stock) but
  • Ctrl+Up - Minimizes DCP Window.
  • Ctrl+Down - Shows DCP Window.
  • Ctrl+T - DCP Window Always on Top.
  • Ctrl+N - DCP Window Reset to not Always on Top.
  • Ctrl+P - Captures screenshot.

Obtaining it

Required conditions to obtain the program and the license of use

  • Join the #revolt irc channel on the
  • Be an active member on the RRR with the ranking 2 reached.
  • Make a car and share it on the site and/or make a good tutorial of some kind.
  • Proof that you own an original copy of Re-volt.

The Future

A new engine from scratch has been making by RST using DirectX 8.

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