Project64k is a Nintendo 64 emulator based on Project64 1.4 with online support through the Kaillera Network. Project64k is only avaliable for the Microsoft Windows product lines. With Project64k, you can play various N64 Titles (Including Re-Volt) in multiplayer action! The client is currently being maintained by Smasherx74. The client will still register its client as the 0.13 version for compatability with older clients and with respect to the original version of Project64k

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Methods of play

Project64k offers two methods of playing online, in a public server or versus another player.

In a public server, the client connects to the Kaillera server, and recieves chat updates. The user can chat with others, and play in groups with as many people as the game supports. Extra people in a game will just end up being able to only watch the game. When the game starts, more people cannot join the game but the people in the group are capable of leaving the game while its in progress, though this usually leads to client crashes.

In a private session with another player, or P2P gaming, the two people connect to eachother. This method of communication is usually much faster due to the controller updates not having to go through a server, but rather directly to eachother. This method however, requires port forwarding as the person who hosts the game acts like a mini server.

Various Issues

  • Some games will require specific plugins to be emulated correctly.
  • The Computer could crash due to bugs and glitches in the Project64 core or the Kaillera implimentation.
  • Project64k requires a great deal of internet speed to beable to play lagless.
  • Desyncs may happen while playing the game due to the method Kaillera sends messages. This can also happen if the server becomes under heavy load.
  • Game lag is determined by the slowest connection in a game group, you can remove the player who is causing gaming lag for everyone else.

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