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PlayStation (PS, PSOne, or PSX PS1) is a 5th generation 32-bit game console created by Sony, it was first released December 3, 1994 in Japan and later released September 9, 1995 to North America. The abbreviation 'PSX' is often used, though a PSX is an advanced Playstation 2 system which was only available in Japan.

Playstation Console

Dev Kits

There were several Developer Kits made available for the Playstation. The official ones are not so easy to find, but they are easy to spot by their different colors. Many were made in shades of blue and had the ability to play burned CD-R's and all regions but were not made very well...

PSX Dev Kit Model DTL-H1102

Game Saves

The PS1 was also popular for Game Saves since it featured an easily readable memory card. InterAct made the DexDrive which allowed users to transfer saved games back and forth from their computers. This allowed saving of cheat codes with 99 lives and more.

The PSX Memory Card

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