Pisa Grandprix is the name of another track by Urnemanden. The track is only 227 meters, and it is a fairly easy track. This track is actually also the first track Urnemanden released, and was released in January 2008, barely one month after Urnemanden joined the community of Re-Volt. The track is a Lego Extreme with many instances and objects included.


...Another year has gone and now it was time for the annual Pisa Grandprix for the RC Cars. People is comming from all over Italy to watch this interesting Re-Volt event, spending all their money on bets and Souvenirs from the local Urne's shop. 3, 2, 1 GO! and the race has started.

Pisa Grandprix was made using the Re-Volt lego editor and further customized using MAKEITGOOD. The houses is converted from another game by BurnRubr and trees and other instances is from the original game. It took Urnemanden about 2 weeks to create and release Pisa Grandprix, where 1 week was used for reading, and for research. The idea & design was inspired from BurnRubr's prms found in RVA (The Re-Volt Archive).

Pisaurne fs

Captured by Crone94 for

Flow & Racing Line

The racing line of Pisa Grandprix will let you race between old styled houses and big towers, giving you an idea of how everything may look in some parts of Italy. Trees in background and the big tribune located at goal. The flow is quite good, and smooth, but not too boring, since there also is placed some sharp rounded corners, bumps, and narrow places. The AI nodes haven't been edited further, since they was constructed by the Re-Volt track editor, and this may make them easy to beat compared to what you may are used to.

Graphics & Environment

All graphics was created, or edited & modified using Microsoft Paint. The textures of the houses, the tribune and the trees isn't made by Urnemanden, but has been leaved original as they was. Most graphics created in Microsoft paint is primitive and not detailed compared to the other textures, but they should still fit aswell.

The environment is friendly, but not further detailed as only the front layer of detail is added. This will still entertain the user though and shouldn't disturb the track too much. Alot of more detail could have been added further though.

Updates & Bugs

Pisa grandprix was updated further the 4th August 2008, to improve the environment with a previously mentioned skymap, and to fix some known bugs. The update also included a new gfx file, took by Crone94 and further edited by Urnemanden.

There is currently only one bug in Pisa Grandprix, which suddenly showed up after gluing the fin file into the .w file. This bug is an invisible wall placed near the narrow part of the track. This bug is not shown in the old version of Pisa Grandprix, so if you find the bug too annoying, contact Urnemanden (look at to get his e-mail) to get the old version.


To download Pisa Grandprix, visit the page of Pisa Grandprix on or go to RRR Racing Forum (Registration is required). The track is also available on Re-Volt Zone Tracks.

Other Releases

Pisa Grandprix was released once again, this time for the 512 patch at January 12th 2010. This version is available on aswell as other older versions of the same track. Crone94 was also talking about upgrading Pisa Grandprix to Full Custom, but the project was never finished.

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