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Pemto is one of the two cars that were discovered at Joe Groombridge's website.[1] This car has a body style which resembles those of Adeon or Humma, but has different form and details, especially on its front bumper.

This car is not present in any of the various Re-Volt versions. As Ferrari Modena, there's no full assurance if the car was really planned to be part of Re-Volt.

Pemto has a counterpart, which is Mc RC. This car is known to be present in the McDonald's distribution of the Re-Volt demo, and shares with Pemto a few similarities on its body. It is known that Mc RC was based on Adeon, so Pemto possibly came from the same origin.

A repaint of Humma with same name was released at August 2016 by StrixMidnight. It uses a custom texture that was based on Pemto's.[2]

In March 2018, a remodel of Mc RC based on Pemto was released by Kiwi, r6te and RV_Passion.[3] This was followed by a project of multiple Pemto fan-made repaints, resulting into a total of 99 new repaints.[4]


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