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Paul Phippen (as known as his stage name, Mozchops) is an concept artist and designer currently working in London. He and Simon Harrison were the originators of Re-Volt, coming up with the concept when Acclaim pressed the studio for a Mario Kart style game in 1997 [1], also worked for several video-game and media industries since 1996.

Much of his artwork can be seen in the Gallery under the insignia "PHIPPEN".

His most recent work was the graphic Novel Salsa Invertebraxa which was nominee to the Aurealis Award for best illustrated book or graphic novel in 2011.

He has made several nice contributions to the wiki including never before seen The Re-Volt 1999 Scrapbook Deluxe article.

This insignia by Paul Phippen can be seen as a small block in most of the Gallery Art.

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  1. Email from Simon Harrison: I came up with the original idea along with paul phippen