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Parameters.txt is a file found in every car folder that defines how a car looks and acts.

  • Settings for parameters are grouped together by curly brackets ({}), and the whole file must also be contained in curly brackets.
  • Each setting must be on its own line.
  • Settings that are strings of text must be enclosed in quotation marks.
  • Semicolons (;) denote comments; any text that comes after a semicolon (;) is ignored by the game.

Common Parameters' Notes

General Settings

These are settings that define the car's look, or rather, the building blocks for that, as well as technical aspects. Any setting that points to a file needs a path relative to where REVOLT.EXE is (i.e. "cars/ufo/car.bmp" is the path to the Probe UFO skin relative to REVOLT.EXE).


This is the name of the car as it appears when selecting it in the Frontend.


Up to seventeen prm instance model files and two M model files can be defined here to be used on different parts of the car. They can be put in any order, since settings further into the file actually determine what model does what, but to keep better track of what a car uses, you should go by how the developers did the stock cars.

  • MODEL 0 is the body.
  • MODELs 1-4 are the front left, front right, back left, and back right wheels in that order.
  • MODELs 5-16 vary from car to car, but they usually contain...

> Axle models, for cars with wheels not close to the body. > Spring models, for cars with visible suspension. > Spinner models, like the keys on Clockworks cars, the radar scanner on Bertha Ballistics, and the head of the Panga.

  • MODELs 17 & 18 should be reserved for the antenna stick and top. (NOTE: Antenna models are actually M files, not prm.)


TPAGE is the skin. It should point to a BMP file no larger than 256 pixels wide by 256 pixels long.


COLL is the collision data. It should point to a HUL file.


EnvRGB is the tint of the reflection on the car. It's a Red-Green-Blue value; each number should fall between 0 and 255, where 0 is less intense and 255 is most intense. (i.e. 255 0 0 is bright red, 0 128 0 is green, and 128 0 128 would be purple).


BestTime determines whether or not the car's fastest times in Time Trial mode will be recorded. Set it to TRUE or FALSE.


Selectable determines whether or not the car can be chosen at the car selection screen. Set it to TRUE or FALSE.


Class determines the sound of the car. Set it to 0 or an Electric motor, or 1 for a Glow (internal combustion) engine. Setting it to 2 puts it into the "Special" class, but it will sound like a Glow car.


Obtain works with Rating to determine how the car will unlock. Set it to...

  • -1 to have it only unlock with cheats.
  • 0 to have it unlocked at the start.
  • 1 to unlock when winning a Championship.
  • 3 to unlock when all of the stars are found during Practice on all tracks in a tier.
  • 4 to unlock when Single Races are won on all tracks in a tier.


Rating works with Obtain to determine how the car will unlock, as well as what other cars human racers will be paired with during Single Races and Championship races. Set it to...

  • 0 for Rookie (Bronze Cup).
  • 1 for Amateur (Silver Cup).
  • 2 for Advanced (Gold Cup).
  • 3 for Semi-Pro (Platinum Cup).
  • 4 for Pro (Platinum Cup).


TopEnd determines the size of the Top Speed bar when viewing the car at the car select screen. Custom cars' statistics always show as ???, so this is often ignored by modders.


Acc determines the size of the Acceleration bar when viewing the car at the car select screen. Custom cars' statistics always show as ???, so this is often ignored by modders.


Weight determines the size of the Weight bar when viewing the car at the car select screen. Custom cars' statistics always show as ???, so this is often ignored by modders.


Apparently unused. Actual handling data is determined futher down in the file.[1]


Trans determines the car's transmission. Set it to...

  • 0 for Four-Wheel Drive
  • 1 for Rear-Wheel Drive
  • 2 for Front-Wheel Drive


Apparently unused.[2]


SteerRate determines how fast the wheels turn when a direction is pressed.


Unknown. (If you happen to know what this is for, please us out]!)


Apparently unused.[3]


TopSpeed determines how fast the car can go in miles per hour.


Apparently unused.[4]


CoM determines where the car's center of gravity is. It's an XYZ vector.


Weapon determines where picked up weapons fire from. It's an XYZ vector.


The BODY group determines how the main body of the looks and its physics. (TODO: in later])

WHEEL 0/1/2/3

The four WHEEL groups determine how the wheels look and their physics. (TODO: in later])

SPRING 0/1/2/3

The four SPRING groups determine how the suspension springs look, and how the wheels react to changes in suspension pressure (jumps, bumps, etc). (TODO: in later])

PIN 0/1/2/3

The four PIN groups are unused.[5]

AXLE 0/1/2/3

The four AXLE groups determine how the axles look going from the body to the wheel. Cars that have wheels pressing against the body model shouldn't need axles. (TODO: in later])


The SPINNER group defines a moving accessory on the car. (TODO: in later])


The AERIAL group determines how the antenna looks and how it reacts to physics. (TODO: in later])


The AI group determines how the computer drives the car during Single Races and Championships. (TODO: in later])


At the bottom of every Parameters.txt, there is a random hexadecimal value. Any car whose checksum is incorrect or missing gets the Cheat Tag assigned in-game.


That's a different type of parameters, usually included in old Demos versions; and present in Dreamcast Version and Mobile Versions, Including Re-Volt 2. It basically contains all the cars' data present in a unique file located at the main game folder or at 'scripts' folder. It also includes an universal parameter set at the start of the script, which affects together all the cars in game.

Cars are recognized by "numbers" on this script. To be add more cars to the game is necessary to increase these numbers (default is 0-32) and set a different number for the new added car.


Abbreviations can be made on parameters, when it's wanted to assign the same property to various objects in the car. For instance, the creator can add just one line saying the offsets of all the "pins", instead to wrote a line for every pin on parameters. It looks like:

PIN 0 - 3 {

ModelNum 0

Offset 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000

Length 0.000000



  1. Every car seems to have it set to 50.
  2. Every car seems to have it set to 0.5.
  3. All cars seem to have this set to 4.5
  4. All cars seem to have this set to 2.
  5. No cars have PIN settings defined.

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