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Overcharged (previously called Re-volt R/C stories) is an attempt to bring Re-Volt to a more modern graphical standard. In fact, it was a mod of Unreal Tournament 3 until 2011.[1] At present day, the project has been renamed and is now built with the Unreal Engine 4. It also does not aim to be a straight Re-Volt remake anymore.


R/C stories era[]

This project's stat is not stable like all the other attempts of remaking Re-Volt. The project started in Nov 29, 2007 and owned by Pirog, however there is no much progress since then (programming-wise).

At August 10th, 2011, the project have returned to development state, most models that was done now are being remodeled and retextured.

A while after the project have been developed, the team faced the issues with management and different programmins aspects, which lead the project to be frozen again.

Overcharged era[]

In 2016, late fall, project was set to alive. It was renamed from original Re-Volt R/C Stories to Overcharged, as well as general concept — It transformed from a resurrection of Re-Volt into stand-alone independent project. Pirog is still the project leader. Showed first prototypes of the game AI and car physics, rebuilt from scratch on Unreal Engine 4. Later on, more news arrived where progress was shown, including different AI and physics aspects. Late June 2017 update introduced new physics, new AI and new team member — Blue Man, who stands for programmer position in the team.

Development progress could be tracked in different resources: IndieDB, Reddit and Youtube for instance.


  • Pirog: Idea, lead, modeler, texture artist, scripting cars, mapper, code[2]
  • Elijah: Sound
  • Pykhtik: UI/UX/Design
  • Blue Man: Programmer

Past members[]

  • GMan (just_call_me_G): Texture artist[3]
  • Turn (aka Lapin Nikolay): Modeler
  • R6TurboExtreme: Modeler
  • Marv: Modeler
  • Kenz: Idea generator, mapper
  • Moro: Web site, concept artist, Russian support of the project

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