ORP or Our Re-Volt Pub is a forum by TheMeandMe and Manmountain.


It specializes in a pub-style form of content with categories divided into News, The bar, Re-Volt Cars, Re-Volt Levels, Online Racing, The Snug, and Outside the Pub. The site had some older members around such as Ali, creator of RVTMod, as well as Huki creator of RVGL.

ORP was created on July 17, 2004[1]. Since 2009, Our Re-Volt Pub has become a more technical/development support forum rather than a racing forum.

Conversion to Tapatalk

After the acquisition of ZetaBoards and zIFBoards by Tapatalk Inc. in July 2017[2], forum administrators had the option to upgrade to either ZetaBoards or Tapatalk Groups. Due to inactivity from the original administrator, the board has been automatically converted to Tapatalk Groups on December 4th, 2017.

Members were discontent with the changes due to various functions that became missing.[3] The Re-Volt Hideout was created soon after, with the intent to imitate the look and function of the old forum.[4]. All activity moved to the new forum, including the discussions and announcements of RVGL. Our Re-Volt Pub has become an inactive forum after that.

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